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Book Wallets (XL Sized)


Protect all your Books with our clear PVC XL sized Book Covers. They are strong, reusable, and durable which are suitable for all paperback books. Special wallets allow the covering of much smaller or wider landscape books. Quick and easy to use, once applied they’ll keep your books in pristine condition and they will substantially increase the life of your book!

Please note when ordering for hardback books add 4mm on to the height of the wallet.

Please note that for special sizes the minimum order quantity is 100. All our special sizes are made to order, so please ensure you select the correct size as they are non-returnable/non-refundable. 

Available in Height: 138mm to 322mm
Available in Thickness: 140 micron

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XL Sized Book Wallets are made from tough PVC keeping books in pristine condition. Please note that for the special sizes the minimum order quantity is 100. All our special sizes are made to order, so please ensure you select the correct size as they are non-returnable/non-refundable. If you require a small quantity, our Trimfix offers a cost effective alternative.

KPC offer a wide range of XL sized Book wallets from as small as 138mm up to 322mm in height. To determine the size you require, measure the height of the spine and the full length of the book when open. Please note some trimming may be necessary at the smaller extremes of dimensions. View Demonstration: How to cover a Book Wallet

If you can’t see the size you require or the thickness (250 micron), give us a call on 01422 384812 or email us at with your requirements. We can usually accommodate any size or thickness!

Our XL sized book wallets are available in 140 micron.

All covers have an orange peel finish.

Additional information

(XL) Book Height (mm) x Book Length (mm)

(XL) 138mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 140mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 142mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 144mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 146mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 148mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 150mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 152mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 154mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 156mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 158mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 160mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 162mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 164mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 166mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 168mm (H) x 340mm – 380mm (L), (XL) 170mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 172mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 174mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 176mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 178mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 180mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 182mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 184mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 186mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 188mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 190mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 192mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 194mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 196mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 198mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 200mm (H) x 490mm – 530mm (L), (XL) 202mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 204mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 206mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 208mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 210mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 212mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 214mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 216mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 218mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 220mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 222mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 224mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 226mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 228mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 230mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 232mm (H) x 500mm – 540mm (L), (XL) 234mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 236mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 238mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 240mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 242mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 244mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 246mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 248mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 250mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 252mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 254mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 256mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 258mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 260mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 262mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 264mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 266mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 268mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 270mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 272mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 274mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 276mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 278mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 280mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 282mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 284mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 286mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 288mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 290mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 292mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 294mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 296mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 298mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 300mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 302mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 304mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 306mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 308mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 310mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 312mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 314mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 316mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 318mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 320mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L), (XL) 322mm (H) x 530mm – 570mm (L)