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Protect all your Books with Clearsleeve Rolls (formerly Trimsleeve Rolls). Clearsleeves are a specially coated transparent scratch resistant protective sleeve manufactured from polypropylene & paper, for dust covers of hardback books. Clearsleeve Rolls are a Clearsleeve in a roll. Made to measure for all heights and lengths of hardback covers, they are quick and easy to fit. Once applied they’ll keep your books in pristine condition and they will substantially increase the life of your book!

Available in Roll Lengths: 25m, 50m or 75m
Available in Height (Max Book Height): 230mm, 270mm, 330mm or 380mm
Available in Finish: Orange Peel (OP)

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Clearsleeve Rolls (formerly Trimsleeve) are made by combining polypropylene & paper to create a sleeve to protect your hardback books. Each sleeve is sealed on both ends which provides a simple, fast and neat finish. The height of the sleeve is fixed to the books height and is not adaptable like A-just-A-Sleeve. Our Clearsleeves are in rolls of 25m, 50m or 75m lengths.

View demonstration: How to cover a book with KPC’s Clearsleeve Rolls

KPC offer a wide range of Clearsleeve Rolls from as small as 230mm up to 380mm in height. To determine the size you require, measure the height and the full length of the books dust jacket (including the folds).

If you can’t see the size you require, give us a call on 01422 384812 or email us at with your requirements. We can usually accommodate any size! We are able to manufacture any height or length (within machine limitations).

Our Clearsleeve Rolls are available in 70 micron.

All covers have an orange peel finish.


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