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Apply your lamination products with ease using this squeegee tool, removing unwanted bubbles and wrinkles.

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Squeegee’s are made from plastic. Easy to use, simply apply the self-adhesive to your book (bought separately), push the Squeegee up against the laminated film to remove unwanted bubbles and wrinkles.

Use a Squeegee with our self-adhesive products to create the perfect finish on your book.

If you are still unsure how to use the squeegee, give us a call on 01422 384812 or email us at and one of our sales team will happily assist.

1 review for Squeegee

  1. Margaret Drummond

    Absolutely brilliant tool. Every home should have at least ONE! Squishes bubbles with a single swipe. Magic.❤

    • KPC Team

      Many thanks for your positive comments, your feedback is much appreciated.

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